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How To Survive Your First Failed Spell

How to survive your first failed spell

Since I just wrote 13 Reasons Why A Spell Fails I thought the next logical post I should write would be HOW to survive a failed spell – especially if it’s your very first one. It’s an inevitable part of witchcraft and magick. For spells to be successful, a lot of moving pieces have to work in tandem.

Outside of reviewing reasons behind spell failure and improving your intention writing, casting techniques, and understanding how your craft works, there’s other things you could really benefit from doing after a magickal disaster.

Practicing magick can be intense and scary and intimidating. Thoughts of ‘What if I mess up the order I’m supposed to do things in?’ or ‘What if I trip over my words and accidentally summon a malevolent entity?’ could inundate your mind. Thoughts of this nature alone are enough to make beginners want to throw in the towel before even getting started.

Beyond this, let’s say you mustered up the courage to cast your very first spell. You chose a simple candle casting and as far as you can tell, you’ve performed it perfectly. Every step is accounted for. Every incantation enuncitated and spoken confidently. You closed your spellwork properly. You feel really good about how it all went.

But then…nothing. Now what?

Have patience when casting magic spells

First things first, you have to make sure you’ve given your spell enough time to manifest. If you cast only an hour ago, you have not given it enough time to work. Even if it’s been a week or a month, sometimes it can take longer. And by constantly questioning it, chances are you’re killing off its power source with your doubt. So step number one is to chill.

Take a break from casting magic spells

Let’s say you’re certain enough time has lapsed since commiting your workings. I suggest letting the reality of your spell failing sink in before you begin work to cast another spell. Take a break before delving into the cause of the failure, too. Why? Because if you’re diving head first right after your magickal endevour failed, you’re too frazzled to concentrate your power into manifesting something successful.

Self care is important when casting magic spells

So you applied steps one and two and you’re feeling restless. This is to be expected. Failure of any kind is really, really hard. For some, it’s the end of trying for that thing again. For others, there’s no such thing as taking a break until they succeed.

Regardless of the camp you fall into, now is the time to pay attention to yourself. Self-care, baby! Taking a bubble bath, making some yummy eats, watching a movie with your bestie, napping in the middle of the afternoon – whatever it is you do to make you feel like you again is what needs to happen now.


Spells that fall flat simply suck. There’s no way around it. But by being patient, giving yourself some time and a little TLC goes a LONG way. Trust me. I’ve been there and fought it hard. It was difficult not to think there was something “wrong” with me as a witch because my casting wasn’t successful.

Once I started following the above advice, things got better. I still have spells that just don’t provide results and I’m sure that will keep happening for the duration of my practice. However, now that I’ve come to terms with it and look after myself and my well-being, I’ve been much more successful.

I hope this helps all of the baby and beginner witches out there. You’ll be fine. Just keep your chin up, dust yourself, and try again, loves! Happy crafting!

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