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How To Turn Everyday Drinks Into Magickal Potions

What witch, mystic, or practitioner isn’t tickled at the thought of drinking potions they concoct to make their life more magickal? I know I am! Great news – it’s easier to do than you may think.

In this post we will explore a few different methods you can use to turn those mundane everyday drinks into magickal potions for you and yours!


Water is the epitome of the everyday drink. When we drink enough of it, it already works magick for our bodies. It balances our fluids, curbs hunger, heightens energy levels, and makes our skin glow. Outside of this, water gives us the perfect opportunity to add even more magick into our lives!

When we use charged water to drink as is, make tea with, use in our French presses, put into our smoothies, etc. it turns it into magickally potent potions! I use my charged water in all of these ways. I also notice I tend to take the time and focus only on what I’m putting in my body when I know it has a special ingredient that deserves being paid attention to.


Masuro Emoto, author and researcher behind the 2004 book ‘The Hidden Messages in Water‘ explores the long-standing spiritual belief that water holds consciousness and memories. In his book, he proselytizes that water molecules can mutate depending upon the intentions and environment.

When water is charged by words, the molecules are being imprinted with their associated energy. If you were to say, “I am in a healthy and loving relationship” to your water, you have successfully charged it with your affirmation. Alternatively, you can label your water with said affirmation and it will also be charged.

Please note that behind your words you must FEEL the associated energy and emotion. It is not enough to just blurb out words for the sake of blurbing them out. Charge your own energies first before charging your water in this way.

I mainly make moon water to keep on hand for recipes as the majority of my goals align with her feminine energies.

How do I make my own?

-Decide what you intend to do with your moon water – making food/drink with it, watering your plant babes, putting it into your oil diffuser, bathing in it, etc.
-Based on your decisions, what kind of water do you need? Will you just be using tap or will you need to buy spring or filtered water?
-Check your calendar to see what upcoming phase the moon will be in*
=Collect, clean, and prepare your water vessels- I like to smoke cleanse my jars and bottles with incense smoke
-Fill your containers with your chosen water(s)
-If you’d like, hold each vessel and speak affirmations into the water to infuse it.
-Set your containers where the moonlight will hit them. You can do this either inside or outside.
-Collect your moon water before sunlight touches the vessels

*Read A Recipe For Moon Water to learn more about how to make water charged by moonlight.

Another method to make charged water is by using the sun. The sun has its own energies (much like the moon) and it may be in your best interest to tap into them for your potions. Much like moon water, the most common way to make your own is to put water into a sealed glass container outside and allow sunlight to penetrate it.

Another popular way to charge your water is by using crystals. Formed in nature through pressure and heat, crystals develop a myriad of both physical and metaphysical correspondences. By choosing the appropriate crystal, you can charge your water to gain their benefits.

Because your end-use of charged water is it ingest it, it is imperative to make sure your crystal is cleaned both physically and energetically. To clean a crystal physically, use a very mild soap and a soft cleansing brush to get into all of the cracks and crevices. To energetically cleanse, sit with your crystals in your hands and meditate, visualizing the removal of negative and unwanted energies.

If you intend to use this method, make sure the crystals can be submerged in water. Do you research to ensure you do not choose a crystal that will dissolve or leach into your water.


This is such an easy way to incorporate into your everyday life and your everyday morning drink of coffee or tea! Stirring spells are exactly what they sound like: you physically stir whatever’s in your cup while chanting a spell.

This isn’t complicated high magick that requires ceremony and robe. Instead, it’s simple in structure and execution. All it really needs is proper attention and intention!

How to Cast a Stirring Spell

-Decide what you wish to bring in or ban from your life

-Pour your drink

-Add in your fixings (sugar, Splenda, milk, cream, etc.)

-Stir deasil (clockwise) to bring things in -OR- widdershins (counterclockwise) to diminish things

-As you stir, chant your incantation while visualizing your desire coming to fruition

There are loads of incantations out there, but here’s one of mine you can feel free to use.


Prepare your cup with whatever you like in your tea or coffee.
Drizzle honey in your teacup or spoon sugar in your coffee mug.
As you’re doing this, visualize how this is making your day sweeter. Maybe you get a slough of texts from your beau throughout the day or someone gives you a super nice compliment at work. Picture whatever sweet looks like to you.
Next, pour your beverage of choice into your vessel.
Stir your drink deasil (clockwise) while chanting this as many times as feels right to you:

Sugar’s sweet
So am I
Bring to me
What I desire

written by Pie Ankiewicz, Resident Witch of Candle Cross Coven

Drink your coffee or tea. As you taste the sweetness, feel yourself receiving your intention and what you visualized.

Experiment with writing your own spell words. As you can see, it doesn’t have to be complicated or lengthy. It just needs to come from a place of belief.


The last method of turning everyday drinks into magickal potions is by using tinctures. I especially enjoy using this technique because it feels a little fancy hearing the tinkling glass dropper hit the side of the apothecary bottle as I pull up the herbal extract. Watching the droplets disperse in my drink adds to the magick as well.

By soaking barks, leaves, berries, roots, and other organic botanical matter in a neutral spirits, we are gifted with tinctures. They offer concentrated extracts that are easy to make and last a long time (when stored properly). You can double down on your magickal experience by choosing botanica that correspond with your desires, i.e. lavender for tranquility or red rose for love (only using food grade herbs of course).

Once you get the hang of making tinctures, you may find it best practice to keep a rotation of infusions going. This ensures you will always a variety on hand. A few things to consider:

-The proof of alcohol and chosen botanicals determines how long it will take to fully infuse.

-Tinctures not only infuse faster with higher proof spirits, but they tend to be more flavorful.

-Choosing dried botanicals over fresh will result in a stronger tincture.

-When using spices, toast them beforehand to intensify flavors.

-You are not limited to neutral grain alcohols. Other spirits work as well.

-Mince herbs to release more essential oils for a stronger infusion.


Supplies and Ingredients

-Glass jar with a tight-fitting lid

-Glass bottle with a dropper

-Your chosen botanics

-High proof (some say 50, some say 70 and above) neutral grain alochol, such as vodka

-Cheesecloth (coffee filters will work, too)

-Strainer or sieve

Take your chosen herbs, spices, barks, roots, etc. and fill the glass jar:

    -halfway to three-quarters full for dried herbs

    -two-thirds to three-quarters full for fresh herbs 

Pour in the alcohol, making sure to cover the dry goods completely. 

Close the lid, sealing it tightly, and shake well. 

Store it in a cool, dark place (very important!). 

You'll want to shake this concoction one to two times a day

Begin taste testing after:

    Dried spices: Start taste after 3-5 days. This could take as long as 2-3 weeks.

    Dried herbs: Start tasting after 24 hours, every 12 hours thereafter.

    Dried fruit: Start tasting after 3-5 days, then every day after that.

    Fresh herbs: Start tasting after 24 hours, then every 12 hours after that.

    Fresh Fruit: Give it a week or two, then taste and continue to shake every few days

    Lemon / citrus peels: Usually takes us 4-6 weeks. For best results with infusing citrus, avoid the pith (the white tissue on the rind) as much as possible due to its bitterness.

    Once you're satisfied with the taste, strain out the solids (if left in, they can alter the flavor) using a coffee filter or cheesecloth lined strainer.

    Store your tincture in the glass dropper bottle, making sure to label it with the date and contents.

    Keep your tincture in a cool, dry spot to extend its shelf life.

How to use tinctures to turn everyday drinks into magickal potions

It is imperative to remember that tinctures are highly concentrated. You do not need much in order to get the taste or benefit you’re after. And by using it sparingly, you can enjoy your batches longer.

I like to use a special glass or mug, set aside some time just for me, and add just a couple of drops to my drink. Like I said earlier, the simple act of pulling out glass apothecary dropper bottle is oh so mystical it really makes my humble drink magickal.


There you have it, Witches! Have you made your own potions using any of these methods? Let me know in the comments! Bright Blessings and Happy Casting!

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