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Free Book of Shadows Printable: Rooster Fire Protection Spell

This week’s free Book of Shadows printable features a Rooster Fire Protection Spell. Available in US Letter and A4 Size!

All downloads are free from watermarks.


If you’ve enjoyed this freebie, come back every week for more digital pages to print and add to your collection! All available freebies may be found here. And if you wanna see something in particular, reach out and let me know. I might just make it for you 

*Please be respectful of the time and effort put into each of these freebies*

What you’re allowed to do with Candle Cross Coven’s Freebies:

-You may download and print out the freebies for your own personal use

-You may forward the pages to friends and family for their own personal use

-You may feature my work on your blog, website, social media platform with proper attribution. You must contact me directly for permission.

What you’re NOT allowed to do with Candle Cross Coven’s Freebies:

-You may NOT claim these pages to be your own work

-You may NOT sell these digital items on any online platform

-You may NOT print these pages out and sell them in person

-Any and all commercial use is strictly prohibited

Thanks for stopping by and Bright Blessings! -Pie Ankiewicz

4 thoughts on “Free Book of Shadows Printable: Rooster Fire Protection Spell

  1. I love this information. I’ve always felt like rooster is kinda my spirit animal (maybe it’s because the Chinese zodiac). Do you know which culture this spell/tradition is coming from?

    1. Bright Blessings! This spell comes from Italy. I remember my Nonna would speak of roosters and their protective nature, especially against home disasters. Thank you for reaching out!

      1. Amazing! Thank you for your answer. I currently live in Portugal, and here also Rooster is a big symbol. I’m really fascinated with symbolism of various places and how it’s utilized in beliefs and traditions around the world.

      2. Me too! I find it fascinating 🤩 Thank you for sharing about roosters in Portugal – I had no idea!

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