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How to Raise Magickal Energy

Hey, Witches! In today’s post we’ll be focusing on raising energy. What is it? Why do we do it? How do we do it? All of these questions and more will be answered. So without further ado, let’s dive in!


magickal energy is everywhere and in everything

First things first, EVERYTHING is energy. As such, it also flows through everything – you, me, animals, cars, trees, buildings, etc. It is within us and outside of us. It is the invisible power that drives the Universe.


how does magickal energy apply to magick spells

It is this energy that we use to power our spellwork. Different people react differently to magickal energy. For instance, you might have a heightened sense of vision that allows you to see it. Others may be able to feel it more prominently. And there are those who experience no extraneous awareness to it at all.


why you should raise magickal energy

Simply put, if you’re casting spells you will need to put energy behind them. Considering the amount of energy needed to actualize your desires, when you pull it all from within, you’re setting yourself up for a magickal hangover. When you are the power source, you’re going to be drained for the entire duration your spell is working – and this goes beyond the initial casting. That is, IF the spell even works.


when should you raise magickal energy

Magickal energy is raised at different stages of spellwork at the preference of the practitioner. Some mystics like to raise energy after a circle has been cast, their deities and/or elements have been called, and spell components like herbs and stones have been put together. Others prefer raising energy before anything else. Another option is to raise magickal energy following the construction of the spell’s anchor – spell jar, charm bag, poppet, etc.


magickal energy source

Now that we know that everything is made up of energy, where exactly do we get it from? It’s best to think of it sourced from two places – the energy inside of us and the energy outside of us. Thinking of the energy inside of us is easy enough. We are the power source. The energy outside of us, however, consists of everything and anything, alive or dead.

That which is considered dead and has never been alive has the capability of absorbing energy from living things – think a haunted house. That which is considered to be living – other people, spiritual entities, animals, plants, etc. – exude their own energies.

When we cast and utilize botanicals like herbs and flowers or specific crystals, we are tapping into those items’ energies. The same applies to deities we call on, the elements, planets, days, Sabbats, etc. Again, EVERYTHING is energy, it’s everywhere, and can be sourced from anything.


rub your hands together to create energy

It can be a difficult subject, magickal energy, when first starting out on your witchcraft journey. And if you have never raised it yourself, it can seem even more daunting. So we’re going to do a super quick practice to give you an example of what it’s really like.

Remove anything from your hands, like gloves or jewelry. With your palms touching, quickly rub your hands together for a solid 30 seconds. You should feel some friction as you generate warmth. Shut your eyes as you separate your hands, roughly 8-12 inches apart. Keeping your eyes shut, start to move your hands towards one another. That charge you feel is your personal energy.

If perchance you do not feel much or anything at all, that’s perfectly fine. Just as some are more prone to being receptive of energy, others aren’t sensitive in the slightest. This can also be a temporary happenstance if your energy is completely devoted to other things going on in your life.


there are different methods of raising magickal energy

Thankfully, there are numerous was to raise magickal energy. Through the process of trial and error and eventual elimination, you can find the method that works best for you. After all, it is YOUR craft, YOUR path, and YOUR practice.


music can raise magickal energy

This is one of my absolute favorite ways to raise magickal energy. As a musician and vocalist, I am able to raise the energy I need to power my spellwork on my own. Sometimes I just play, while other times I play and sing. Don’t worry if you are not musically inclined though. You can put on an album that you feel aligns your energy with the type of energy needed for your spellwork. When I’m not feeling up to making music myself, I do the same.


dancing can raise magickal energy

Another favorite, genuinely letting go and moving your body to music or rhythm that moves you is another fantastic way to raise magickal energy. The important thing here is that you are MOVED by the act of dancing. I find this best works when I am completely alone, or at least I know the odds of being interrupted is little to none.


Remember how EVERYTHING is made up of energy? Words, too! Find or write a phrase or two that resounds within. Rhyming can help as it will naturally give you a framework for rhythmically chanting the words. Get into a groove with it, close your eyes, sit or stand – whatever feels right IS right. Align the words’ meaning with your spell’s intention to supercharge the energy you are raising to fuel your casting.


breathwork can raise magickal energy

You can raise magickal energy through the process of breathing. This method requires a comfortable position, either sitting or standing, with your focus devoted to your breath. You can choose to incorporate a metronome to give you a beat to breathe to or use your intuition as a guide. Some people like to choose a song that increases in speed to help them intensify their breathwork.


what happens after you raise magickal energy

After magickal energy has been raised, it needs to be released so that it can do its job. This is where you would use your athame, wand, or finger – whatever is utilized to direct energy – into the spell’s anchor. For instance, if I were creating a spell jar I would use my wand and visualize all of the energy I’ve raised to transfer from myself into the jar. In my mind’s eye, I color the energy to align with my spell’s intention. If my spell jar is intended to bring peace to my home, the energy’s color would be a blue light.

Once the blue light is overflowing the anchor in my mind’s eye and I feel all of the energy I’ve raised gone from me, I open my eyes and put the top on the jar. The final step for my spell jars is to triple occlude it in sealing wax. For each layer of wax, I confirm my intention and state the energy’s responsibility. I find this helps my spellwork perform at its absolute best as I am very clear about what I’m doing the casting for in the first place.


imagine your outcome of your magick spell

It’s at this point where clear visualization comes into play. Now that the energy has been raised and the spellwork executed, it’s time to settle into my senses and really FEEL what my manifested desire looks like. Taste, smell, sight, touch, hearing, and intuition are all involved in this stage of spellwork.


always say thank you when completing your rituals of magick

Even if you only use the energy from within, it’s important to thank the energy for its role in your spellwork. If using a mix of the energy from within and energy used from outside sources, the same holds true. Showing gratitude for what we use to manifest our desires through spellwork will only strengthen us as practitioners.


I’ve already covered this subject in this post. I suggest reading it as it will go more into magickal hangovers, how to prevent one, and how to rebalance your energy if you happen to fall victim to one.


Raising magickal energy can feel extremely daunting at first. As with anything new, it can be really scary to try. However, with time you will become well adept to this super important facet of spellwork. The more you practice the more you will feel it and the easier it will become.

Remember that the circle you cast will contain the energy you raise for your spell until you declare it to be released. Bright Blessings and Happy Crafting!

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