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Spell Reversals and Counters

At some point in your practice, you will either cast a spell that fails miserably OR you have cause to believe someone has cast a spell on you and you wish to counter it. In this post, we’ll go over the difference between reversals and counters, tips on eschewing spell disasters, and a few methods on countering a magickal attack. Let’s go!


magickal spell reversal

The best way to think of a spell reversal is as a way to undo what you’ve cast. The reasons why someone would want to perform a reversal vary, but suffice to say that in one way or another, a spell has met with disaster, gone amiss, or fallen apart.


curse counter mirrors it back to the witch

When you counter a spell, you take your enemy’s magickal attack and turn it back on them. While some practitioners use the phrase ‘spell reversal’ and ‘spell countering’ synonymously, there is a difference.


signs you have been cursed

While there are some common signs that you have been cursed, it is important to note that it can be easy to fall prey to paranoid thinking. Sometimes you’re just experiencing a run of bad luck. However, this is not to say that curses do not exist because they do.

Having said that, here’s a brief list of signs that point to being cursed:

  • Nightmares
  • Sleepless nights
  • Depression with no previous history of/apparent cause
  • Sudden insect infestation
  • Headaches
  • Doing things out of character
  • Low libido/erectile dysfunction
  • Death of a house plant
  • Death of a pet/familiar

While a single incident from the above list doesn’t necessarily mean you are cursed, experiencing multiple events simultaneously is certainly cause for concern. In that instance, you may want to consider countering the curse.


magic spell failure

To preface this section I will say that these tips will only help you to avoid spell disasters. They won’t do you much good if the deed has already been done.

  1. Don’t cast while under the influence. Your physical state does have an affect on your spellwork.
  2. Don’t cast when irritated or upset. Your mental and/or emotional state also has an affect on your spellwork.
  3. Hang on to your spell leftovers, i.e. candle stubs, paper scraps, used botanical matter, etc. In case your casting goes terribly awry, remnants facilitates spell cancellation.
  4. Start and maintain a spellwork journal. Get in the habit of writing down your spell steps, methods, ingredients, time of your workings – every detail recorded makes a difference if you find yourself needing to undo what you’ve done.


perform a spell reversal

It is important to note that you should approach spell reversal in the same way that you approach your casting. Take the same protective measures that you normally would. You would also do well to avoid using any reflecting/mirror magick. You were the original caster so the reversal will only come back to you.

  1. Magickal Halt
stop a magic spell after it has been cast

This is an easy way to perform a spell reversal. Declaring a magickal halt only requires a black candle, a carving tool, a way to light it, and visualization. Use an instrument to carve a word or short phrase that describes your original spell into the candle. Light the candle and then snuff it out using your fingers (careful not to burn yourself) or a douter. Visualize all of the energy flowing into your spell being cut off as you snap the candle in half. Dispose of the candle by burying it away from your home or throwing it away.

  1. Perform a Cord Cutting Ritual
cord cutting ritual

If the spell you cast that you wish to reverse has to do with any type of binding, use this techinique. All you need is a quiet spot where you won’t be interrupted. Close your eyes and visualize yourself in the situation you’re bound to. This can be another person, a situation, a place – whatever you cast for yourself. Now picture with your mind’s eye the cords (this can be one or many depending on the strength of your spellwork) that are attaching you to whatever you want to be free from. As you visualize each cord being cut, you feel yourself getting lighter and lighter. When the last cord of attachment is gone, take a few deep breaths and open your eyes.

  1. Use your remnants
use spell remnants to reverse a magic spell

As mentioned above, by using your spell’s leftovers you have a direct line to your casting. The idea behind this technique is to destroy the remainder to cancel the initial working. This method only applies to spells that did not use fire. Having said that, if you cast a spell that needs reversing, simply burn the remnants in a fireproof vessel. Dispose of the ashes away from your home. Don’t hang onto them to make black salt or anything else for your craft.

  1. Use your spellwork journal
keep a magic spell work journal

When you find yourself needing to reverse a spell and you’ve taken careful notes of the original casting, simply go back and do the opposite. This includes performing the spell backwards, starting with the last step. You may even wish to make reversal steps as part of your spellwork journal.

For instance, let’s say you used the element of fire. To cancel this out you would use water. The words you chant or say would need to be replaced with their opposites. The same goes for botanicals, colors, deities, spirits, ingredients, etc. Every step is done in reverse and every component matched with its opposite.


3 ways to counter a magickal attack

Let’s say you are need of a counter instead of a reversal. No problem. I’ve got you! Now I am writing this under the assumption that you’ve investigated your personal dilemma and have come to the conclusion you are indeed under a magickal attack. What you’re experiencing is NOT rooted in a personal blockage of energy or stems from paranoid anxiety or thinking.

Please note that if you are suffering from an energy blockage or paranoid anxiety or thinking you should seek the help of a healer. Performing the following techniques will be pointless or worse, make your situation more dire.

  1. Cedar Smoke Cleanse
cedar smoke bundle for cleansing

This method is simple and not too involved. Using a dried bundle of cedar to smoke cleanse your home eliminates negative energy AND institutes a wall of protection. This extends to you, other residents in the home, your pets, and all you allow into your space.

Open at least one door or window to allow an avenue of escape for the negative energies you’re expelling from your home. Light the bundle and as you move from room to room command that which is not welcome to leave at once. Direct them to the exit with confidence. Once the entirety of your space has been cleansed, go back once more and visualize a protective bubble surrounding your home with a mirrored exterior. This will bounce any more magickal attacks back to the caster.

Remember that any space that has been cleansed retains an energetic vacuum. You MUST fill this void with an intention. In this case, protection is your best bet to keep away the nasties of another practitioner trying to attack you.

  1. Jar of Happiness Spell
small happy jar

This method is a bit more involved, but works wonders to counter a magickal attack. For this you will need one red and one black candle, a mirror, a small jar with a lid, and a surface to work at, like your altar.

You will need to splice the two candles together by cutting the bottoms off of each, making sure to leave the wicks intact. Tie the two wicks together at the bottom, creating one candle with a wick at either end.

Next, in the jar put a picture of yourself at your happiest. You can also fill the jar with representatives of things that bring you joy. Put the lid on the jar and set it in front of a mirror on your workspace.

Place the candle lengthwise across the top of the jar and light each end. As the candle burns, visualize the negative energy being sent back to where it came from. All of the happiness contained within the jar is safe from attack as it is shut tight and impenetrable. Allow the candle to burn to completion. Set your happiness jar in a safe space, like your altar.

  1. Salted Floors
salt your floors magic

Salt is the ultimate cleansing agent. Not only can it be used to repel evil entities, it can be utilized to collapse negative energetic waveshapes. These waveshapes carry all types of intention, including that of a curse. As such, using salt to clear and cleanse your space – and by extension yourself – of detrimental cursing is very easy to do.

Simply sprinkle the salt of your choosing (except Espom salt as it’s not really salt) onto your floors and sweep it up. Don’t dispose of it inside of your home as you don’t want the energy to linger. And if you use a vacuum, make sure to dump its contents away from your home, too!

Again, make sure your fill the energetic void with the intent of protection to keep yourself from being vulnerable to any more attacks.


Well Witches, there you have it! I hope that you’ve found this post to be educational in learning the difference between a spell reversal and a countering. Have you ever suffered from being cursed? Do you have a different way to do a spell reversal? Let me know in the comments!

*Magick is not a replacement for any kind of medical or psychological professional care

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