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3 Ways to Supercharge Your Magick

Hello fellow Witches! Lately I’ve had a few different conversations with some other practitioners who claim they have all been feeling worn out or drained. With the state of the world right now it’s no wonder! This has had an affect on their magick and craft and it got me thinking about ways to get out of a funk like this.

In this post, we’ll go over three different ways to supercharge your magick that in turn can have a positive impact on your overall well-being. Our craft is directly affected by what’s going on in our external life, as well as inward turmoil. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

meditate to supercharge your magick

I know, I know. Too often it seems like meditation is spouted as a cure-all technique to rid you of all your worries. But I find when done genuinely for the sake of meditation and without the undue weight of seeking a goal it really can do wonders.

Goals are all about self-improvement. When you set out to use meditation to achieve a goal, it’s kind of missing the point. It puts pressure on the outcome. You see, meditating when done for the sake of meditating leads to things like self-discovery. This is what we’re looking for when feeling drained, down, off our game, etc.

The surge of learning something new about yourself can reignite the soul’s flame. It can frame how you view yourself in a completely new way. Sparks of curiousity fly and soon enough, you find yourself practicing magick de novo with exciting and inventive techniques. Or perhaps you tackle things that previously terrified you.

Either way, meditation for the sake of meditation could be just the thing you need to supercharge your magick, and by extension, supercharge yourself.

take an herbal bath to supercharge your magick

I cannot tout the benefits of bath magick enough. A combination of cleaning the physical body with cleansing our vibrational energy, it’s a fantastic two-for-one form of the craft suitable for any level practitioner. It only makes sense to put it here for the sake of a magickal supercharge.

It’s amazing what a good bath can do for the spirit. And when you take the time to craft an herbal infusion that corresponds with your intent, you double down on the benefits. The following is concoction you can easily make to aid in Operation Supercharge.

  • 1 part Lavender for overcoming feelings of despair and depression
  • 1 part Angelica for the removal of any possible jinxes, hexes, vexes, or curses
  • 1 part Carnation to enhance magickal powers
  • 1 part Hyssop for purification and promoting spiritual enlightenment

Put all of these ingredients into a heatproof vessel. Heat enough water to cover the herbs. Bring just to a boil and then pour over the botanicals. Allow them to steep for at least 15 minutes up to an hour. Strain the liquid from the matter and then add to your bath.

Soak in this bath for as long as feels right to you. When you’re ready, stand up and drain the tub. Picture all of the things that have been draining you to go down the drain with the bathwater. If you can stand it, allow your body to dry completely without toweling off so your skin absorbs all of the herbal benefits of your infusion. If this is uncomfortable for you, rinse your body off and dry as normal.

change your space to supercharge your magick

Sometimes when we’re feeling out of it, all we need is a change of scenery. This doesn’t mean you have to invest in an entirely new remodel of your space. Instead, you could rearrange some furniture, thrift a new piece of art or tapestry, or even purge your home of unwanted stuff. By changing things up, you can stimulate your mind and in turn, supercharge your magick.

The mental health benefits of rearranging your space includes:

  • a mood lift
  • yields concrete satisfaction
  • instills a sense of relief from anxiety
  • offers brain stimulation

What seems like a simple act of moving that lamp from here to there or changing out some throw pillows for a completely different color palette could be just the ticket you need. Much like the first technique mentioned in this post, once your inner flame is reignited, it can light the way back to your practice. When it comes down to it, you practice at your best when you feel at you are at your best.

And when you are at your best, your ability to supercharge your magick with your own self-esteem is phenomenal.


Well, there you have it Witches. I hope this post finds those who need comfort in times when things seem too dark to practice or practitioners who feel the oomph has gone from their craft. As always, Bright Blessings and Happy Crafting!

*Please be sure to perform allergy tests with any potential herbs before using this infusion. Candle Cross Coven is not responsible for any adverse affects you may experience from implementing recipes, spells, magick rituals, etc. Do your own research and due diligence.

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