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What Are Sugar Spells?

What are sugar spells in magick

Hi Witches and Witchlets! Today’s post is all about using sugar in your craft. What are its inherent qualities and why you would want to use it will be discussed, as well as a few examples of how to utilitze it. Let’s go!


sugar spells

Once upon a time, sugar could only be afforded by rich folks. It’s because of this that it earned the nickname ‘White Gold’. With time and the evolution of farming practices, it became a lot more affordable. So much so, we can find sugar in bulk down at the local grocery store.


sugar spells in magick

The best way to think of what sugar can offer your practice is how ants and other insects are attracted to it. Ever hear the saying, “You catch more flies with honey than vinegar?” The sweetness of sugar is what makes it an attraction magnet.

Sugar spells are meant to do just that. Typically the addition of sugar to a spell acts as a catalyst for attracting and summoning something you believe will sweeten your life, i.e. love, abundance, prosperity.

Simply put, use sugar to attract what you want more of in your life!


sugar spells in magick

There are a couple different avenues we can take when working with sugar in our practice. The first is pretty obvious: kitchen witchin’! The other is to add sugar to spell jars. Let’s take a look at a couple of examples for each.


sugar spells for magick

Even if you don’t see yourself as a Kitchen Witch per se, you can still adapt these fairly simple techniques in your practice.


sugar spells for magick

It’s called simple for a reason. By boiling water and sugar together until it’s dissolved – traditionally one part water to one part sugar – you can add this to your drinks and turn them into drinkable potions! The syrup itself is a blank slate for you to flavor with magickally corresponding botanicals aligned with your specific goals and intentions.

Other ways you can utilize your simple syrups is to offer it to spirits you work with. You’ll want to take care when there are children or pets in the home so they don’t ingest it, while also being mindful it doesn’t stay out long enough to attract insects. You may also wish to dress spell candles with the syrup when doing attraction or love work.


sugar spells for magick

This is another easy way to incorporate sugar into your spellwork. It’s perfect if you already have a fave recipe or you want to try a new one out. Either way, sugar is the common star here and a welcomed one at that!

When working with sugar for its attraction qualities, be sure to stir deasil (clockwise) as it will invite in what you wish to sweeten your life with. Once baked, you can double down with icing the cookies and incorporating sigil work.

What’s a sigil?

sugar spells for magick

A sigil is a type of symbol used in magic. The term has usually referred to a type of pictorial signature of a deity or spirit. In modern usage, especially in the context of chaos magic, sigil refers to a symbolic representation of the practitioner’s desired outcome.


By creating your own sigil, you can pipe in onto the cookie’s surface and activate it by spreading it out and frosting the treat!


sugar spells for magick

There are a few ways you can use spell jar magick to incorporate sugar. The best type of spell jar are those with the intention of attraction. You just have to decide what it is you want to attract into your life and how big you want your jar to be.

Sugar is the main act here. The other ingredients correspond to your intention and preference. Here are some examples:

  • Love: you can add Rose Quartz, Pink or Red Roses, Dried Apple Seeds, Basil, Lemon Peel, or Lavender
  • Money: you can add Dried Bayberry, Alfalfa, Allspice, Cinnamon, Cat’s Claw, Orange Bergamot, Sassafras, Pyrite, or Aventurine
  • Success: you can add Lodestone, Dried Pennyroyal, High John, Rowan, Strawberry, or Frankincense
  • Luck: you can add Dried Spikenard, Star Anise, Irish Moss, Lilac, Mustard Seed, or Agate

Once all of your ingredients are added to your cleansed spell jar, cap or cork it and seal with wax, preferably in a color that corresponds with the jar’s intention. Keep with you or set in an auspicious space for best results.

Again, these are just a few examples of how you can create your own sugar jar. Don’t be afraid to experiment and always follow your intuition!


Well, there you have it! Another day, another magickal topic covered. Do you use sugar in your craft? Do you use it another way then mentioned here? Let me know in the comments. And as always, Bright Blessings and Happy Crafting!

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