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Tarot Spread Series: One Card

Tarot spread series one card

Bright Blessings, Witches and Witchlets! Today is all about the one card Tarot spread. The most straightforward of all spreads, a one card pull offers quite a few benefits to the novice and seasoned reader. We will discuss these benefits and more. Let’s go!


one card tarot

First off, I’d like to clarify that it can be called either a one card spread or a one card pull. So if you hear either of these descriptors, they are the same thing. Moving on…

The first benefit of the one card pull is how easy it is to do. This is especially important for beginner diviners just starting out with the cards. And even though it is simple in execution, it’s still a powerful aid in forecasting and exploring facets of situations.

Secondly, a one card Tarot spread provides fast insight for times when you need quick answers. There are moments in life when we’re presented with hurdles and no matter how much we rack our minds, nothing bubbles to the surface. A one card pull can help us clarify and consider possibilities we may not have thought of in a fast manner.

Third, pulling one card at a time provides an opportunity for becoming intimate with the deck. This is especially beneficial for newbies, but can also strengthen bonds already in place with practiced readers. By pulling one card at a time and scrutinizing the details and applications to situations, the Tarot’s facets increase and allow depth of understanding.

Fourth, a one card pull is easier to interpret than a larger spread. With only one card to focus on, it can offer concise guidance versus layered interpretation that can ultimately lead to more questions than answers.


one card tarot

So how do you do a one card pull? Quick answer – get out your deck and pull a card. Seems simple enough. However, there are a few suggestions to yield the best possible results when performing this type of Tarot spread.

  1. Breathe. Take a minute or two and perform some deep breathing exercises. This has been shown to decrease stress, which in turn allows you to really tune into your body. Sink into yourself and become present in the moment.
  2. Cleanse your deck. This will lead to clear answers from the cards. You can do it in any way you prefer, from knocking to smoke, crystals, or sounds to moonlight or sunlight, or visualization.
  3. Ask your question and shuffle your deck. What’s going on? What are you fretting about? What can you not stop going over and over in your head? As your focusing on your question, intently and thoroughly shuffle your deck. Do it as many times as you’re called to. When it feels right, stop and pull your card. Where you pull it from – top, bottom, middle, etc. – does not matter, giving that it clicks with your intuition.
  4. Reflection. You’ve got your card – now what? Even if the card gives you the heebee jeebies or a serious case of the ‘oh nos!’, don’t pull another one. You came for clarification and the Tarot will give it to you.

In this moment, lay the card before you and either take some mental notes or write down your first gut reactions to the pull in your journal. Don’t overthink it. Allow your intuition to speak to you as you contemplate your question and any possible answers the card might provide.


one card tarot

Sometimes you won’t have any pressing questions or situations where you feel like you’re floundering, but you want to do a spread. The following list provides a jumping off point to get you going:

-What do I need to know right now?
-What do I need more or less of in my life?
-What do I need in order to get through what’s blocking me?
-What is my higher self trying to tell me?
-Where am I at in my healing journey?
-Card for the day/week/month/year
-Will I get the job?
-How does this particular person feel about me?
-What do I need to focus on today, this week/month/year?
-What will bring me more peace and calm?
-If I do [blank] what will happen?
-What will help me get into alignment?
-What do I need to know about [blank]?
-What do I need to know about my pet?
-What do I need to know about my dream last night?


Aspecting a card is clarifying its meaning through the use of another card or cards. If you’re looking to dive deeper into your one card pull, you may wish to aspect it with one or more cards to further gain insight and guidance for your situation.

Please note that this is entirely up to you. Some may say that this defeats the purpose of a one card spread, while others aspect their pull regularly. Do what feels right!


One card spreads are great for any reader to do. Hopefully, this post has shed some light on different aspects of this type of pull for you to add to your practice. Comment your favorite ways to perform this type of spread in the comments. And as always, Bright Blessings and Happy Crafting!

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