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Answer a Witchcraft Question from Google Series: #2

Answer a witchcraft question from Google

Hi and welcome, Witches and Witchlets! Today we are on our second installment of the series where I – a seasoned and practicing Witch – answer questions posed on Google about magick and witchcraft. Today’s question is:

“Should plants touch the ground after harvesting when used for witchcraft?”

Another great question from the world of Google. Let’s go!


should magick witchcraft plants touch the ground

Plants can touch the ground after harvesting and before being added to spellwork. As they come from the ground, if they were to touch it again once cut it won’t make a difference. Their essence remains intact and after all, that’s what we’re calling on to use in our magickal efforts.

I believe that the querent may have heard that allowing harvests to touch the ground was in some way disrespectful. From the standpoint of a seasoned practitioner, I’ve never heard of this superstition.

That’s not to say that it doesn’t exist. It’s just not something I’ve come across in my years of practicing, nor in my research for this post. So my gut response is that yes, they can touch the ground. As long as we are respectful of the herbs, flora, and fauna we use, all should be good for spellwork!


So the question “Should plants touch the ground after harvesting when used for witchcraft?” has a pretty cut and dry answer. Do you believe something else that pertains to this question? Let’s talk about it! Let me know in the comments and as always, Bright Blessings and Happy Crafting!

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