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Mirror Magick 101

Mirror Magick 101

Bright Blessings, Witches and Witchlets! This post is all about mirrors and their place in the magickal world. Alongside discussions of superstitions and mirror mythology, we’ll be talking about how they’re used by practitioners. Let’s get started.


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Superstitions surrounding mirrors are pretty widespread around the world. The following are a few of them, with some you’ve probably heard and maybe some you haven’t. There are variations on these superstitions depending on where you are, but these are the general statements.

  • If you break a mirror you’ll have seven years worth of bad luck
  • If a mirror is broken, someone who lives in the house will die soon
  • Say “Bloody Mary” three times into a mirror and her spirit will appear to reveal the future
  • Say “Candyman” five times into a mirror and he will come to kill you
  • If a married couple looks into a mirror together right after saying “I do” they’ll unite their souls and create an alternate universe where their two souls will live together forever
  • If a soul sees itself in a mirror before their body is buried it will be trapped in the mirror
  • If you hang a brass mirror above places of worship, evil entities would be scared by their reflections and not be able to enter
  • If you drop a mirror and it doesn’t break you’ll be blessed with good luck
  • If you place a mirror by your bed it will steal your soul
  • If you place a mirror in front of your stove’s burners it’s supposed to attract wealth and prosperity
  • If you scare yourself in the mirror it’s considered good luck
  • If you’re nervous about something, gaze into a mirror and entities in the spirit world will take your troubles to their realm. However, don’t look too long or they will steal your soul
  • It’s believed that if you cut an apple into nine slices, eat eight of them and then throw the ninth into a mirror your future husband will appear and catch the slice you threw
  • If you hang mirrors across from your front door it will reflect negative energies away from the home


mirror magick

Mirrors have their place in mythology, too. For instance, the Roman god of fire and blacksmithing, Vulcan, constructed a magickal mirror to show the past, present, and future. Vulcan also built a mirror for his wife Venus the goddess of love. This was used by her to hide her deeds so she could keep cheating on her husband with Mars, the god of war.

There’s also Perseus. He utilized his shield like a mirror in order to defeat Medusa, a priestess to the goddess Athena. Whoever gazed at Medusa would be turned to stone, so Perseus technically only looked at her reflection.

Tezcatlipoca, Lord of the Smoking Mirror, comes from Aztec mythology. It’s said he wore a black mirror on his chest as their mirrors were made from obsidian. He was also a god of communication and the chest mirror let his constituents talk to him.

Merlin, the mythical wizard from the legend of King Arthur, was said to have his own magick mirror that allowed him to see into the future.


mirror magick

The following are all ways that witches, mystics, and occultists use mirrors in their magick.


Mirrors embody the same properties as the element of water, symbolizing intuition, introspection, wisdom, and emotions. Before mirrors were invented, people would travel to bodies of water to see their reflections. In this same sense, mirrors can be used for reflection work for you to learn about your innermost self and as a way to see yourself clearly.


mirror magick

Another way a mirror can be used in magick is for magickal self-defense. A reversal spell is intended to take an aggressor’s curse or malicious attack and flip it back on them. It is important to make sure what you are experiencing is coming from an external source though, or else your efforts will be for naught.


Going as far back as ancient Mayan beliefs, reflective surfaces like mirrors and water have been seen as portals to the spiritual realm. The Maya in particular believed that these portals were ways to directly access these worlds to engage with deities. Some practitioners also use mirrors for portal magick in order to access past lives.


mirror magick

When we learn to love ourselves, our magick increases exponentially. Incorporating mirror magick into self-love work is a way to reprogram what happens when we see our reflection. Instead of giving into those automatic thoughts we have about our appearance, using mirrors to aid in self-love work is an excellent way practitioners employ mirror magick.


Witches and mystics enchanting their reflections is another form of mirror magick. Essentially, this is to see themselves in a new and different light, as well as compelling others to see them in the same way.


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A mirror trap is used by a practitioner to catch and confine situational energies that their drawn to and then use later in their spellwork. For instance, if a witch wishes to trap the energy felt on their birthday, all they would have to do is set a mirror out when everyone sings them the ‘Happy Birthday’ song. Or if a witch wants to catch the vibrations of the sea and waves, they would place a mirror in the sand to absorb it.


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Scrying has been around for a long, long time. As such, mirror magick aligns perfectly with this divinatory method. Practitioners have been using mirrors to divine the future, seek lost items, check in on long-distance loved ones – before the technological communications we enjoy today – and even predict the outcomes of battles. Meaning “to catch sight of”, it is peering into a medium and interpreting what is seen or the messages received by the seer. It’s a form of divination that focuses on staring into a reflective surface and collecting answers.


Much like crystals, mirrors can be utilized for amplification of spellwork. Practitioners will add in a small mirror on their altar or workspace to increase the strength of the energy used in their magick.


mirror magick

Outside of mirrors being round like the moon, practitioners benefit from using these reflective surfaces by charging them with the power of La Lune herself. This is done for different reasons, among them being for protection or as a way to access a moon phase for a spell when timing is important but that phase won’t be happening any time soon.


Well, there you have it! Mirrors are an excellent source of power for magick and a great way to add oomph to any practice. What about you? Do you use mirrors for your spellwork? Is it in any different kind of way than mentioned above? Let me know in the comments! Happy Crafting!

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