Free Coloring Page Printable: Your Words Can Plant Gardens

Enjoy this free printable coloring page available in US Letter and A4 Size!

How To Turn Everyday Drinks Into Magickal Potions

What witch, mystic, or practitioner isn’t tickled at the thought of drinking potions they concoct to make their life more magickal? I know I am! Great news – it’s easier to do than you may think. In this post we will explore a few different methods you can use to turn those mundane everyday drinksContinue reading “How To Turn Everyday Drinks Into Magickal Potions”

My Top 10 Magickal Herbs

While going through my stores recently, I couldn’t help but take notice that certain jars contained significantly less matter than others. This got me thinking of beginner witches first starting out, not knowing which herbs to turn to in their early days of discovery. An exciting albeit uncertain stage that we all go through whenContinue reading “My Top 10 Magickal Herbs”