5 More Tips for the Beginner Witch

Resident Witch Pie here and I'm back with 5 more tips for the beginner, baby witch! These tips are not that fanciful or supernatural in nature, but important nonetheless. Let's begin, shall we?

1) If you have pets, make sure your plant friends won't poison them

This is absolutely necessary in keeping our fur (or naked) babies safe! Plants and botanica are so lovely to add to our environments. Not only do they offer a certain aesthetic, but the things we can learn from them are astronomical! However, sometimes certain species just don't mix. I use an app called PictureThis (I'm not sponsored, but I'm open to it!) which allows you to capture pictures of plants to identify and learn more about their toxicity. There's a free version as well as a premium plan, just FYI.

2) Essential oils cannot be diluted with water

Undiluted (AKA Neat) essential oils are terribly volatile and concentrated. If you were to apply them or accidentally get them on you without dilution it could lead to:

  • sensitization of skin or ACD (Allergic Contact Dermatitis)
  • phototoxicity or severe skin reactions when applying certain essential oils and going out in the sun
  • triggering your immune system responses 

The old adage 'oil and water don't mix' is perfectly applied here. Instead of water, use carrier oils like coconut, sweet almond or grape seed oil. Also, a few things to consider when choosing carrier oils:

  • Odor
  • Shelf Life
  • Absorption
  • Skin Type & Sensitivity

As always, do your research!

3) Colored candles will stain surfaces

In my earlier years I've ruined many a altar cloth by not taking care to properly protect them from candle wax. Nowadays my favorite method is to use parchment paper used for cooking as it is resistant to grease and moisture. 

4) Take proper care when burning things

Again, this is one of those tips that seems obvious but needs stressing. When burning things like candles, I believe doing it inside is fine as long as they're not left unattended and within eyesight. Incense sticks and cones fall under the 'burn inside' category as well. Now if you have a fireplace with a working flue, burning things inside of it is appropriate as long as you're old enough to work it by yourself or you have proper assistance. All other activities that involve burning (such as bay leaves or intentions or petitions) should be burned outside using a heatproof vessel. 

Having a way to extinguish open flames is a necessity. Be mindful of what you're burning, always.

5) Just like plants, essential oils (which come from plants) can be toxic to pets

Know your ingredients! This falls under that tip from the last blog post about research. The care of your pet falls into your hands and as such, it's your responsibility to make sure you know what you're working with.

For instance, probably the most widely known essential oil is lavender. Its use is favored for diffusion and infusions, among other magickal uses. The downside? It contains linlool and linalyl acetate. These are citrus oils with insecticidal properties and are metabolized in the liver resulting in liver damage or failure.

By expanding your knowledge base, you can ensure the protection of yourself, your loved ones and your pets. It will also help you along your path as a practitioner. Remember: Knowledge is power!

Happy Crafting!



*I'm not one to say whether or not you're old enough or what constitutes as proper assistance. As such Candle Cross Coven LLC cannot and will not be held responsible for any happenstances, incidences, accidents, etc. involving fire safety or lack thereof. It is the sole responsibility of the user/practitioner to practice proper fire safety.


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