5 Practical Beginner Witch Tips

Being a seasoned and practiced witch myself, I figured what better place to begin our blog than with tips that are actually helpful. Too often I’ve seen articles and information claiming to offer help and guidance to those new to practicing only to be let down by their vague outlines or misinformation altogether.

Some of these witch tips may be obvious to some while not so obvious to others. Some points made here may not serve everyone. And that’s okay. It also brings us to tip numero uno...


1) Take what resonates with you and leave what doesn’t

On your journey, if you find something that makes your hair stand on end, gives you goosebumps or some kind of gut feeling, that’s your intuition talking to you, saying “Pay attention to this thing!” On the other hand, you could feel absolutely nothing when introduced to something. Both reactions are invaluable. But the only way to know what to take and what to leave is to research and introduce yourself to new things.


2) Don’t allow others to tell you something is wrong for you

Being a witch, occultist, mystic - whatever you feel called to call yourself - and living as a practitioner, you will come across many people who like gatekeeping. “You’re not really a witch because you don’t dress like one.” “A true mystic only uses herbs hand harvested during the Spring and dried in bundled over a stone hearth.” Laugh in their faces! Approach your path with an open heart and curiosity and pay no mind to the naysayers.


3) Stay in the broom closet as long as you need to

I understand that not everyone is lucky enough to be able to practice openly. It can be especially hard when you’re a minor living under parental rule who practice other religions or lifestyles that look down on witchcraft or occultism. This can be especially hard if you’re afraid of ruining relationships over what you believe and practice. What you don’t need is the extra pressure of feeling like you need to rush into coming out of the broom closet. Take your time. Explore and research on your own. Everything comes in due time.


4) Research, Research, Research

One thing that is absolutely necessary and completely un-glamorized is research. There is a tremendous amount of reading that goes into Craft exploration. Sure, the aesthetic of being a witch is great and all, but it goes much deeper than that. Building knowledge in anything takes time. Plain and simple. Witchcraft included. But look at it this way - it could mean the difference between life and death. Not knowing whether or not spell ingredients when mixed could result in negative chemical reactions or even turn poisonous is a matter of learning. Don’t skimp on your investigations.


5) Become BFFs with your tools

Just like humans bond and become close, you can do the same thing with your tools! Everything is energy (we’ll save that for another blog post) including you. A good way to get to know your tools is to keep them close. Sleep with your Tarot deck under your pillow, carry crystals in your pockets, slip your pendulum in your bag, etc. Imprint your auric mark on your tools and they will do the same. This will strengthen your bond and in turn help develop your readings and workings with your tools.

These are just a few tips and tricks to help the beginner witch along the path. It’s an exciting time and there’s a lot to take in. Just take a deep breath, pace yourself and enjoy!

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