Introducing Candle Cross Coven’s New Sister-Shop: Printable Witchcraft

The start of a business is weird. You have this picture in your head about what you want to sell, how you want to present yourself, who you are, when you should launch, where you’ll do business, and of course - the why. Why do you want to undertake being a business owner?

There is so much trial and error that goes into answering all of these questions. It can feel a but overwhelming to be honest. But, the only way out is through it.

So we test our goods, see what resonates and what doesn’t. Our digital grimoire pages are a HUGE hit - especially after a TikTok video of ours went viral last year. But something felt off.

We sell a wide array of products. So much so that it started to feel muddled in the Etsy Candle Cross Coven shop. A mix of digital items, bundle boxes, herb sets, apparel - it started to annoy me, really.

So I came up with the idea to branch off into a sister-site, Printable Witchcraft. The home where all of my digital designs will go to live.

Candle Cross Coven will continue to ebb and tide with the flow of business. New designs, kits, bundles, ideas - that will not change. We just won’t offer our digital products there anymore.

So with that, we welcome into existence Printable Witchcraft and we hope you visit us!

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