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The Fool’s Journey Tarot Reading by Pie Ankiewicz

Starting something new? Feeling stuck? Need a challenge? This spread is aimed at those yearning for guidance on the path of the unknown! The Fool’s Journey Tarot Spread gets its name from The Fool, the very first card of the Tarot. The Fool represents us when we take our first steps into the unknown. While fools are typically naïve and innocent, it is because of these traits that they are also brave and fearless. The Fool encourages us all to take the first steps of a new and exciting journey. After completing your purchase, you MUST email me with: -your preferred name -order number -your question -as much detail surrounding your situation as possible -preferred email address This is to ensure the best possible reading. All tarot readings are completed according my ritual and interpretation. I aim to have all readings completed and sent between 24-48 hours. A valid email address is required for this service. Due to their nature, all legal, medical, pregnancy, and lottery questions are not permitted. This service is for entertainment purposes only and does not substitute any professional help. By purchasing this reading you agree to all notices, policies, and disclaimers regarding services provided by Candle Cross Coven LLC. Direct all correspondence to:


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