11 Hobbies That Support Your Craft

Just as there are many paths of witchcraft one could walk, so there are hobbies to support those paths. I think that some hobbies sprang from magickal practices and are naturally entwined with one another. Let’s explore that idea among these 11 hobbies you could try out to support your magick.

How To Turn Everyday Drinks Into Magickal Potions

What witch, mystic, or practitioner isn’t tickled at the thought of drinking potions they concoct to make their life more magickal? I know I am! Great news – it’s easier to do than you may think. In this post we will explore a few different methods you can use to turn those mundane everyday drinksContinue reading “How To Turn Everyday Drinks Into Magickal Potions”

How To Survive Your First Failed Spell

Since I just wrote 13 Reasons Why A Spell Fails I thought the next logical post I should write would be HOW to survive a failed spell – especially if it’s your very first one. It’s an inevitable part of witchcraft and magick. For spells to be successful, a lot of moving pieces have toContinue reading “How To Survive Your First Failed Spell”