Tarot Spread Series: Celtic Cross

Bright Blessings and welcome to Candle Cross Coven’s Tarot Spread Series! Today we’re diving in to one of the most notorious tarot spreads out there: the Celtic Cross. Even if you’ve never picked up a deck yourself, you’ve probably seen this famous spread dipicted in a TV show or movie. Regardless of your personal historyContinue reading “Tarot Spread Series: Celtic Cross”

3 Ways to Supercharge Your Magick

Hello fellow Witches! Lately I’ve had a few different conversations with some other practitioners who claim they have all been feeling worn out or drained. With the state of the world right now it’s no wonder! This has had an affect on their magick and craft and it got me thinking about ways to getContinue reading “3 Ways to Supercharge Your Magick”

Spell Reversals and Counters

At some point in your practice, you will either cast a spell that fails miserably OR you have cause to believe someone has cast a spell on you and you wish to counter it. In this post, we’ll go over the difference between reversals and counters, tips on eschewing spell disasters, and a few methodsContinue reading “Spell Reversals and Counters”

How To Find Out What Kind Of Witch You Are

When first starting out on your witchcraft journey, how do you know which direction to go in? Where do you begin? How do you wrap your head around all of the information -and there is TONS – out there? We will explore a couple of methods to narrowing down your path. And just a fairContinue reading “How To Find Out What Kind Of Witch You Are”