About Pat & Pie

Who are we?

The owners of Candle Cross Coven Pat and PieThe owners of Candle Cross Coven Pat and PiePat and Pie of Candle Cross Coven
Partners in life and business, we’re Pat and Pie! Based in Colorado, Pie is a seasoned, practicing eclectic witch and Pat is a science enthusiast. Together, we created Candle Cross Coven to make products for the modern witch, mystic and occultist.

Pie interned at a lavender, blueberry and dairy goat farm in the Appalachian Mountains. There she learned how to not only care for the animals, but also how to make things like soap and cheese from the bounty the animals provide.

Pie brings what she’s studied in her Craft over the course of her life paired with lessons learned on the farm to Candle Cross Coven.

Pie explaining wattles on the Saanen kid goats to visitors on the farmPie and another intern in the birthing stall with Oscar the Great Pyrenees guard dog Pie outside of the herd stall on the farmPie with Greta the Great Pyrenees guard puppy at the kids barn on the farmPie in one of the big fields on the farm in the Appalachian Mountains with Oscar the Great Pyrenees guard dog


Pat loves working with his hands. The satisfaction of completing a project and being able to look at what you’ve made is like none other.

Pat taking pictures of our soapPat taking pictures of our Enchanted Spell Soaps

How Candle Cross Coven was Founded

The talk of starting a business to create products together simply made sense. Pairing old world techniques with modern technology, we’ve developed things like our own line of Ritual Oils using a LEVO machine and a line of Enchanted Spell Soaps with specific intentions and scent profiles.

From there we began stocking our bestseller, the Baby Witch Bundle Box. That sparked our creativity and we began releasing limited run boxes, like our Tarot Bundle Box, Crystal Witch Bundle Box and Divination Bundle Box, just to name a few.Candle Cross Coven’s Baby Witch Bundle BoxCandle Cross Coven’s Divination Bundle BoxCandle Cross Coven’s Crystal Witch Bundle Box

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Pie began using her knowledge of design and ProCreate to develop their line of printable digital Grimoire and Book of Shadows pages. These soon became bestsellers too! To date, there are over 100 individual pages and a complete Tarot Guide Book.

Kawaii Digital Printable Book of Shadows 10 Pages of Witchcraft FundamentalsMagickal Properties of Fruit Kitchen Witch Digital Printables 10 Pages Book of Shadows GrimoireCandle Cross Coven’s Tarot Handbook Digital Printable Book of Tarot

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From here we have expanded our line of goods to include apparel and accessories. Themed for a magickal lifestyle, our designs are meant to speak to those who choose an alternate path of existence.

 As Above So Below Hermetic Principles Tank Top by Candle Cross CovenSorry I Have To Do My Shadow Work T Shirt by Candle Cross CovenPat modeling our Be Careful What You Witch For T Shirt by Candle Cross Coven


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How We Give Back

Here at Candle Cross Coven we are happy to announce our commitment to Mother Nature through our support and membership to The Herb Society of America.

The Herb Society of America Logo

Through our membership and continued patronage we are able to support several horticulture movements including the Notable Native Herbs stratagem, Conservation + Sustainable Gardening and the Green Bridges Initiative.


Visit The Herb Society of America’s Website to Learn More


 Staff Picks

Pie LOVES using Candle Cross Coven’s Hallowed Spell Candles for her Craft

Handcrafted and Hallowed Spell Candles by Candle Cross Coven

She regularly uses Candle Cross Coven’s Allure + Attract Ritual Oil

Candle Cross Coven’s Line of Proprietary Handcrafted Ritual Oils

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Pat is a huge fan of our Enchanted Spell Soaps, from the scent to the magickal intention they’re infused with!

Candle Cross Coven’s Queen Mab Enchanted Spell Soap

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Thank You from Our Family to Yours

When you shop small, you support BIG dreams! 

Pie being silly at Candle Cross CovenPat at the Denver AquariumPat and our cat Grace KellyPensive Pie at Candle Cross CovenPat and our cat Grace Kelly at Candle Cross CovenFun Pie at Candle Cross Coven giving the peace signMiss Grace Kelly in charge of Quality Control