What are your ethical standards?

We have a strict code of ethics which we abide by, from where we source ingredients and goods to being 100% transparent to our customers. We are also active members of the Herb Society of America. We support several horticulture movements including the Notable Native Herbs stratagem, Conservation & Sustainable Gardening and the Green Bridges Initiative.

Can you do spellwork for me?

Space and time permitted, I offer certain types of spellwork for clients. If there is any availability, there will be an active listing in the shop.

Do I have to be a certain religion to practice witchcraft?

Not at all. Magick is in every faith and religion, and even non-religious people practice too. Praying, affirmations, casting a circle, etc. are all forms of magick. History has warped what magick really is, most often by the people in power, in order to gain control of the masses. Religious or not, you can practice! Magick can help you to a better life.

How do I use spiritual supplies + tools?

If you’re just starting out, we recommend taking advantage of some free resources online. Google is an invaluable source and provides instant results. YouTube is also an excellent reference to work from. We also offer a completely free eBook download on our website candlecrosscoven.com you can use to get started as well.

If you’re a beginner Witch, we recommend investing in one of our Bundle Boxes that contain curated tools and products to begin exploring your craft today!

How long does a spell take to work?

There’s no clear cut answer. The reason being is that every situation is different with multiple factors to consider. A general rule of thumb is that the more demanding/challenging the circumstances, the longer it takes to be effective. Synchronicities like seeing multiples of numbers, symbols that resonate with you, etc. is what you look for within 3 days of spellcasting. Within 3 weeks you want to look for signs of motion toward your aspirations and then outcome within 3 months.

So what happens when you don’t see any signs? No big deal. Sometimes spells don’t work. Go back to it. Give it more of you - your energy, your focus, your confidence. Do more spiritual work around the issues. Every practitioner goes through this. Don’t worry.

Do you guarantee that I will get the result that I want from my spellwork using your supplies, tools or kits I purchase from you?

No. If any spiritual or metaphysical worker claims their method will result in a 100% guaranteed result, walk away. They are lying. It is not ethical to guarantee results from spiritual work because of the principle of free will. Free will is the power to choose between different courses of action without restriction.

Yes, spellwork can impact and influence a situation; however, it can’t move someone to change if they are consciously opposed to an outcome you want. It can’t turn a person into your puppet. It can’t give you a certain change or result if you aren’t showing up and taking real world actions.

Wholesale availability

Message us through the Contact Form or send direct inquiries to info@candlecrosscoven.com regarding wholesale orders.

In your message please let us the know the product(s) you’re interested in.