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Pendulums were used as far back as ancient Egypt and Rome, but their use could possibly pre-date recorded history. A dowsing tool like this is a powerful instrument to have in your divination arsenal.

This stunning pendulum features a clear quartz pendant detailed with tin/silver solder and dotted with watermelon tourmaline accents. Attached to an elegant chain featuring silver spiral connectors and intermittent gemstones. With 7 crystals behind your work, divine the truth through vibration and attraction.

With purchase of this listing you will receive 1 (one) handmade clear quartz pendulum. Please note that the pendulum you receive will vary from the one seen in the listing photos as each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind. The pendant varies in length and ranges between 1”-2”. The full length of the pendulum ranges between 19″-21″ end-to-end.


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