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Using smoke to cleanse and improve the energy of a space is not always the best technique for every practitioner. For example. for those who live in a rental that prohibits burning herbs, resins, incense, etc. employing smoke cleansing methods are a no-go. Our Magick Carpet Powder is a smoke cleansing alternative especially meant to focus its strength where you walk and what you drag in with your shoes. This in-house formula is exclusive to Candle Cross Coven.

Our Magick Carpet Powder scent invites a clean freshness to any space. Top notes of crisp linen and ozone are complimented with eucalyptus and freesia. The base brings airy powder, earthy moss and patchouli, citronella, and pine. Infused with crushed lavender and red rose petals, your space will calm and cleansed.

With purchase you will receive:

1 (one) shaker with

  • Generous 10 oz. capacity
  • Durable yet lightweight aluminum construction
  • Attractive finish
  • Twist-and-lock lid for easy filling

1 (one) plastic zip top baggie of our Magick Carpet Powder

To Use: Sprinkle on desired area to be cleansed. Set for 30 minutes. Recite personal incantations to banish negative energies. Vacuum per usual.

*If allergic reactions occurs, discontinue use immediately. Do not ingest. Keep away from pets and children.


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