Magick Carpet Powder Smoke Cleanse Alternative

Magick Carpet Powder Smoke Cleanse Alternative

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Do any of these apply to you?

“Help! I’m sensitive to smoke and I need another way to cleanse my home!”

“My lease forbids me from any kind of smoke to be in my rental and it NEEDS to be cleansed!”

“I feel like my carpet needs to be cleansed and my usual tactics aren’t cutting it.”

These are all legitimate concerns and the motivation behind developing Candle Cross Coven’s Magick Carpet Powder.

Think about how it used to feel in your space: safe, secure, clear, open - like it is YOUR home. Now compare this to the current vibe. This gap between where you are and where you want to be is forcing you to sacrifice your well-being and peace of mind. You are paying the cost of anguish by allowing these negative energies to accumulate and clutter your space, your mind, your life.

The worst kind of enemy is an invisible one. Feeling helpless against negative, malicious energies can be countered with cleansing. Traditional cleansing methods don’t always suit every practitioner. For this, our Magick Carpet Powder is the perfect solution.

Infused with crushed lavender and rose petals, our Magick Carpet Powder is formulated to absorb unwanted energies as you recite your personal power incantations and then be vacuumed up. I like to dispose of the vacuum waste immediately to discourage the unwelcome energies from dispersing back into the cleansed space.

Our cleansing powder comes with a dispense shaker to distribute the crush evenly across your carpeting. Refill bags are available.

+++Please do a spot test on your carpet in an inconspicuous place to make sure there will be no staining.+++